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Your company needs strategic supply chain talent to compete in today’s economy. Lucas Group can help. We deliver exceptional candidates who bring genuine value to your business. Fill out the form to get started or contact us at 800.466.4489.

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Manufacturers and talented employees know that profitability relies on their ability to stay in front of market challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Lucas Group supply chain recruiters give businesses a critical competitive edge by serving as a close, consultative partner. We take the time to understand your strategic and financial goals and match your company with talent uniquely suited to drive results for your business.

Market View

The supply chain is the heart and soul of manufacturing, and it is the first to feel the impact of rising costs, global market changes and new technologies. Ever evolving market dynamics, such as uncertainty over tariffs and possible trade wars, coupled with labor shortages and new automation opportunities, mean today’s supply chain professionals must be one step ahead. Internet of Things (IoT) advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, are enabling real-time shipment and warehousing visibility across a large and complex extended supply chain. Lucas Group supply chain recruiters understand the difficulties and costs manufacturers face staying current with best practices in this complex, evolving area of operations. We know that having the right talent in place minimizes uncertainties and unlocks new opportunities for business growth.

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Lucas Group partners with today’s forward-thinking companies to deliver exceptional professionals with a deep expertise in supply chains across industries. We help companies fill key roles, including COO and other executive positions, general managers, directors, managers and senior engineers.

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Lucas Group supply chain recruiters engage a deep network of industry-leading professionals, critical market knowledge, global breadth and expert, localized search – all focused on finding your perfect candidate. As a premier supply chain recruiter, Lucas Group works with mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients across all industries, including aerospace, automotive, CPG, food and beverage, and industrial.

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